2011-08-07 ? 12:43:02


New start, new posts and blog. As many know I've started over, but I will not erase my posts from earlier. It's nice to have those posts if someday I want to check who much I've changed in my photography and other.

This photo here is from my "familymeeting" if you says so, in Slottskogen, Gothenburg. Many photos from that
event will be posted on my blog later on today. I've planed a couple of events that I will be at. The list is kinda short. (the list will expand further on)

Dog events                                                      
Agility 20-21/8-11 Kungsbacka BK
Agility 27/8-11 Halmstad
Agility 17/9-11 Falkenbergs BK
Agility 18/9-11 Falkenbergs BK
Dogshow 4-6/11-11 Växjö
Agility 12/11-11 Varbergs BK

Horse events
Horse Jumping
12/8-11 Kungsbacka RK
Horse Jumping
13/8-11 Kungsback RK
Horse Jumping
2-4/9-11 Fjärås Hoppryttare
11/9-11 Frillesås RK


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